Why 4-group Math?
At Kuske Math, Inc we know that children with a solid foundation in number sense find math easy and fun!   The concept of number sense is as important to mathematics learning as phonemic awareness  (or phonics) is to reading.  Unfortunately, schools haven’t found a way to effectively teach number sense to all children and thus, many students struggle with math forever. Never again does a child need to be intimidated by math.  Kuske Kids love math!  4-group Math is unique because it relies on brain-based research.  It is not a “drill and kill” program, nor is it a curriculum.  It is a visual adaptation that can be used with any math program – a small modification with a profound effect!
4-group Math is an evidence-based program for schools/individuals and offers a range of products and workshops for both parents and educators.
“4-group Math™ has proven to be so successful that students have scored 20% above peers not using the program on state achievement tests. We think you will be amazed by this program—and it may even change how you think about numbers!”
-Brenda, elementary school principal
4-group Math FAQ | Founders

Why 4-group Math works — a few words from Lynn Kuske

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