What does it mean to say that 4-group Math is a brain based program?

4-group Math is unique because it relies on brain research to teach math to children.  This research tells us that children have the innate ability to look at four objects in a square pattern and be certain that there are four. This ability is called subitizing.  Math programs today ask children to arrange objects either in a line or randomly–and then count them.  When objects are presented this way children are not able to confidently and accurately know how many without actually counting them over and over.  As the number of objects increases it becomes even more difficult and children make counting mistakes.  Research tells us that the brain searches for and relates to patterns.  The 4-group Number Patterns, developed exclusively by Lynn Kuske, are the cornerstone to the 4-group Math program.  They are based on the four objects in a square pattern making this program not only unique but extremely effective.

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