Why did Lynn Kuske develop this program?

Mrs. Kuske has spent her career as a parent educator and a teacher. When she started working with children who were struggling with math, she was alarmed to learn that these struggles were identified at a very early age and began with an inability to develop sound number sense. From this experience she came to believe that something was missing in the way math is taught to young children. She started experimenting with visual and spatial ideas that developed from her own experience playing numerous math games with dice, cards, and dominoes. Finding success with students, she wanted to learn more, so she secured her K-8 teaching certificate and Masters of Education Degree in June 2001. Mrs. Kuske’s Masters thesis’ literature review supported her ideas about visual patterns in teaching math and led to an action research project to evaluate the effects of the incorporation of 4-group Number Patterns™ into a standard first-grade mathematics curriculum. The results of her research project led to the development of 4-group Math™.

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